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Why Choose Us to Supply Your Court?

Posted by on 3/3/2017
Why Choose Us to Supply Your Court?

With over 40 years of experience in tennis court construction, management, and equipment supply, we are your resource for all tennis court and pickleball court equipment and accessories.

Rediscover the Red Dirt in Time for Roland Garros

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 5/17/2015
In a few days, the culmination of clay court matches will happen in Paris at Stade Roland Garros. After weeks of frenzied and demanding plays in Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome, professional tennis players head to Paris to participate in the second grand slam of the season, the French Open.

What are the Benefits of Pickleball?

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 4/29/2015

These days, you'll find more people getting into the game of pickleball, with the ages of players greatly varying. It's surprising to find how far the age gap is between pickleball partners these days. You'll discover a lot of seniors playing doubles with their grandchildren, which is definitely endearing.

Pickleball is like a combination of tennis and table tennis. It's gaining popularity because it poses sufficient challenge while not being as grueling as tennis. At the same time, you get to move more on an actual court as compared with table tennis.

So what are the benefits of pickleball?

Just Hit the Ball

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 4/18/2015
Whether you’ve been playing your entire life or just now thinking about learning, tennis is one of the best activities you can do for yourself. Not only can you play it at any age, but it also keeps you healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

General Considerations for Tennis Court Lighting

Posted by Tennis Supply Team on 4/12/2015

Lighting is required for indoor tennis courts and outside courts when no natural light is available. It is important because it:

- extends the playing time of a court;

- attracts more coaches and players; and

- achieves an increase in revenue from court hiring fees.

Clay Court Tennis: Changes to Expect and How to Deal with Them

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 3/31/2015
Playing tennis on a clay court can be quite challenging, especially if you're not used to it. There are certain moves and tactics that will just not be as effective as when you're on the hard court. Hence, you have to practice and apply different strategies in order to play well and win.

The Pros and Cons of The Different Types of Tennis Court Surfaces

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 3/10/2015
Though one type of tennis court surface is predominate in the US, the fact of the matter is that cement, grass, and clay tennis court surfaces all have their own characteristics and pros and cons. 

Pickleball Popularity

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 3/6/2015
Pickleball was invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle, WA. Three dads – Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum -whose kids were bored with their usual summertime activities are credited for creating game. Pickleball has evolved from original hand made equipment and simple rules into a popular sport throughout the US and Canada. The game is growing internationally as well with many European and Asian countries adding courts.

Suffering from Tennis Elbow? 5 Tips to Minimize Injury

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 2/10/2015
'Tennis elbow' and bursitis are the usual injury that novice tennis players endure, as the injury is often brought about by incorrect equipment or improper technique (as in the case of tennis elbow) or overuse of the shoulder muscles that affect the shoulder bursae or fluid-filled sacs (as in the case of bursitis). But as tennis players become more acquainted with equipment and techniques and the need for sufficient rest, injuries such as these become less of a problem. It is therefore important that players need to be conscious of how tennis injuries normally develop, and to create an environment and workout that prevent such injuries from happening in the first place.

Tennis Court Surfacing, Repair & Resurfacing

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 2/6/2015
When people think of tennis courts, they often think only of a hard surface like asphalt or concrete. Most courts are of the hard-surface variety, but there are many other options. Hard courts are generally more expensive to install than clay, but the cost of maintenance and upkeep must also be considered. Once a hard court is installed, it requires almost no regular maintenance. Clay courts, on the other hand, must be continuously watered and raked. Grass is another surface that is expensive to maintain. There are other tennis court surfaces, including vinyl, acrylic, synthetic grass, and others. There are different installation and maintenance costs associated with each surface.

Australian Open News: The Good, the Bad, the Twirl

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 1/24/2015
Thank goodness for the Land Down Under and the Australian Open to keep our appetites whetted for the 2015 Grand Slam season! We’ve got the upset of Roger Federer! We’ve got plucky teenagers (19 year-old Madison Keys), and we’ve got Twirlgate!

Game-Set-Match, Love.

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 1/7/2015
Tennis scoring can be awfully confusing and frustrating if you aren’t familiar with the game. While it’s fun to watch the players volley the tennis ball, heaving grunts with every swing of their rackets, if we don’t understand the scoring system, or even what the boxes on the court mean, then we’re really not watching the competition. We’re just watching a fuzzy little ball travel back and forth across the court.

Tennis Court Maintenance - Acrylic

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 12/18/2014
All tennis courts need maintenance including acrylic courts.  Here at Tennis Court Supply, we wish to go over some general tips for maintaining the court’s appearance, integrity, function and play-ability.  By following these simple routines, a tennis court will endure for generations.

Basics of Tennis Fitness Training

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 12/2/2014
A tennis training program has to meet the demands of an all-round physically challenging, individual sport. For a tennis player to perform at their best, they must have just the right mix of aerobic and anaerobic endurance, explosive strength and power, speed off the mark and agility. In fact, the amount of strength, speed, agility and flexibility conditioning a player is prepared to undertake has been linked to the standard they play at.

The Importance of Rest for Tennis Players

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 11/25/2014
If you're a serious tennis player, you know just how important rest is in order to perform well on the court. Since this sport is highly active and would take up a huge amount of energy, you ought to allow your body to rest, recover, and rejuvenate. You can do this by getting enough sleep, going for sufficient breaks in between games, and making sure that you have no-tennis days which you solely devote for relaxation activities.

Maintaining Your Tennis Court

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 11/11/2014
Maintaining your tennis court's surface is the key to maintaining your tennis court. Thankfully, keeping your tennis court's surface in fine playing condition does not take much time, effort, or money. 

Innovations in Tennis Ball Machines

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 10/19/2014
If you haven't figured it out yet, using a top quality tennis ball machine is one of the best tools available to help improve your game. It doesn't matter whether you own and operate a tennis club, or simply are equipping your court at home, adding a cutting edge tennis ball machine is one of the most sound investments you can make for your favorite sport.

Ball Machines – How To Incorporate Them Into Your Training

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 9/22/2014
On their own, tennis ball machines are simply mindless machines which do what they’re programmed to do – and that’s not much. Still, if they are given their rightful place in an overall tennis training regimen, they can do wonders for any tennis player. Because, even though tennis is a game of the mind, it also relies heavily on muscle memory, and that’s the part a tennis ball machine is used for.

Bring Your Game To a New Level With A Tennis Ball Machine

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 9/8/2014
When it comes to learning to play tennis, and especially learning to play it well, there’s nothing in the world that could replace a good coach. The experience, the tips and the know-how these people have are invaluable to any beginner’s eventual success, regardless of how exactly success is defined. Whether you want to learn tennis because you’re an enthusiast who wants to beat other enthusiast, or you’re looking to become the next Serena or Venus Williams, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic, you will need a good teacher. And a good teacher is wasted if their role is simply to feed you balls while you’re practicing your backhand.

Top Tennis Court Accessories to Have

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 8/20/2014
Creating a high-quality tennis court requires much more than a great court. You need to focus on the entire experience that your players and your guests have. 

Mayhem On The Court

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 8/13/2014
Tennis courts are the stages on which so much drama can unfold. We have seen heartbreak and souring spirits grace its surface, but there has been some insanity as well. Sports allow us to release some stress but in the case of the professionals this is their livelihood, so they tend to take it very seriously.

Practice Makes Permanent: Creating Muscle Memory in Athletes

Posted by Tennis Supply Team on 8/1/2014
Human beings are already hard-wired with the components of muscle memory. When performing gross or fine motor skills, we activate muscles without any conscious thought.

Quick Start Guide: Essential Components for Building a Tennis Court

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 7/8/2014
Do you dream of becoming the next Serena Williams or Roger Federer? Whether you want to become a tennis star or you are just looking for a fun sport to stay in shape, building a tennis court is a great place to start.

Things to Consider While Buying Tennis Shoes

Posted by Tennis Court Supply on 7/3/2014
With so many different types of tennis shoes on offer, it is imperative that you pick the perfect pair.

Best Never to Win

Posted by Tennis Supply Team on 6/14/2014
We are coming up on one of the most popular tennis tournaments in the world - the grass-court Grand Slam championship known as Wimbledon, held over two weeks in late June and early July in England.