If you've got a great pickleball court set up and maybe you’ve even hosted a tournament or two before, but want to take your events to the next level, Pickleball Court Supply is here to help. From tips and tricks to making sure you know the best supplies, we’ve compiled 5 ways to prepare for your facility’s next pickleball tournament. These tips can be helpful for both indoor and outdoor pickleball competitions. No matter what kind of pickleball court you have, you'll want to know these insider secrets to hosting the best pickleball competitions.

1. Make Sure To Have Multiple Water Cooler Stations 

Athletes need to have access to plenty of water to play at their best, so your facility should always have plenty of water cooler stations. Keep your athletes and spectators cool and hydrated with Igloo brand water coolers and water cooler stands. Having multiple hydration stations will keep water readily available to players both on and off the court. Our water cooler stands can help provide a designated area for those who are looking to quench their thirst after a competitive match or rounds of practice. After breaking a sweat on the court, there's no better solution to keep players hydrated than with Pickleball Court Supply’s exceptional inventory of water coolers and cooler stand sets that can hold up to 2, 5, or 10-gallon coolers. 

It’s also important to make sure that these water stations stay full and cool throughout the tournament. Assign a staff member or volunteer to monitor the water cooler stations to ensure that they stay full, keep the area neat and tidy, and restock the disposable cup dispenser. Offering plenty of cold water is absolutely essential for both indoor and outdoor pickleball tournaments. Check out our full selection of water coolers, water cooler stands, and other water station accessories here

2. Offer Plenty Spectator Seating Options

Seating for spectators is also imperative. Lining your pickleball courts with court benches, tables and bleachers will offer a designated place for people to observe the games and cheer on players. Courtside tables and benches allow people to rest, recover, and watch the game. Get the best outdoor tables for your pickleball court from Pickleball Court Supply. We offer a range of durable seating options that will resist cracking, warping, rotting, and other environmental damages. They are made from a variety of materials and come in a range of options as far as color, style, and size. We also offer 2 and 3-row bleachers, which are available at varying lengths, including 15, 21, and 27 feet long. 

Whether the audience needs a seat, the players need a break, or the umpire needs a birds-eye view of the court, Pickleball Court Supply has what you need. Our high-quality benches give your audience a great view of the match while also making them comfortable. Adding courtside benches that are charming and functional will make your guests feel like they are getting a personal viewing of the court. They will also provide convenient seating for coaches and other key team members while not on the court. 

3. Offer Pre-Tournament Clinics, Training, and Events

Offering extra events is an excellent way to build rapport with pickleball tournament participants. Offering a pre-tournament training session, clinic, or social event is a great opportunity for participants to scope out the competition, socialize, and familiarize themselves with your court. You could also invite professionals to come and offer instructional opportunities. These clinics are also a great way to bring new athletes to your court. Consider offering free drinks and snacks for these clinics as an additional perk. Athletes will typically pay more for a tournament that offers a pre-tournament clinic because they get more bang for their buck. It’s a win-win for all who love the sport of pickleball.

4. Light it Up!

Pickleball is a sport with many enthusiasts who enjoy playing matches from dawn to dusk. There are many advantages to playing pickleball later in the day: the sun is down, the glare is gone, and the temperature is more pleasant for running up and down the court. However, not every court is equipped for night games. Without professional pickleball court lighting, both players and fans are left in the dark. 

So what makes for professional pickleball court lighting? Court lighting should illuminate the whole court so players can see all the marks on the pavement and follow the ball as it flies. There should be at least two light fixtures for each court. Ideal court lighting should also save on electricity, last a long time, and require little maintenance. TECHLIGHT offers these qualities and more with their Scimitar LED pickleball court lighting systems, available at Pickleball Court Supply. You can find pickleball lighting systems designed for a single court or for as many as eight courts. These high-tech, high-quality lighting systems are sure to help players and spectators enjoy evening and night games at your next tournament.

5. Be EcoFriendly: Supply Several Trash & Recycling Options

Environmental care is increasingly becoming a priority for many people. It may not seem like your facility can make a big difference when it comes to reducing waste and increasing recycling, but every facility that makes a change adds to the collective impact. Having multiple trash and recycling bins located around your courts and throughout your facility can increase the number of items recycled and reduce the amount of litter and pollution in your community. Our premium disposal options offer an easy way to separate recyclable goods from waste products. These products are even made with recyclable materials! Pickleball Court Supply takes environmentalism seriously. Do your part to help out by offering eco-friendly trash and recycling bins at your next pickleball tournament.

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