If you’ve been looking for a fun and exciting way to stay active while enjoying the company of friends, pickleball may be the perfect sport for you. Whether your goal is to exercise, learn a new skill, or simply keep your body healthy, pickleball has been shown to improve overall health and wellbeing, even among older people. 

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Here are the top reasons why:

1. Pickleball can help reduce stress levels by improving moods and reducing anxiety, especially among older adults.

Playing pickleball helps relieve tension and stress. The reason behind this is simple; when we're stressed, our bodies release adrenaline into our bloodstream. Adrenaline is one of the leading causes of anxiety, nervousness, and tension.  But sports like pickleball can help reverse the tension build-up. When we play, instead of releasing adrenaline into the bloodstream, our bodies release endorphins, which help in reducing stress and making us more relaxed.  

 What's more, pickleball helps increase blood circulation to our brain, which makes it easier for us to think clearly and concentrate on what we need to do at any given time.

2. Pickleball makes exercise more enjoyable.

Playing pickleball is fun, not just because of all the running and chasing. Most people find it fun because they get to play without having to worry about getting hurt. With pickleball, players can focus on the game rather than worrying about how much pain they might experience during an intense play. 

Pickleball is a low-impact sport that’s less demanding than other sports such as badminton and tennis. That's also one of the reasons why injury rates tend to be lower among pickle ballers than tennis and badminton players. So if you want to have some extra fun while staying healthy, try picking up a paddle and start playing pickleball!

3. Pickleball is an inexpensive workout.

Working out at a gym or constantly playing sports like tennis can get a little expensive over time. That's not the case with pickleball.  Pickleball supplies are often cheap, and they even come in affordable sets! 

With pickleball, not only will you be able to work a sweat, but also save money. And since there aren't many injuries associated with pickleball, you won't have to spend thousands of dollars on medical bills either. Therefore, whether you're looking to stay in shape or just want to make sure you don't break the bank, pickleball could be the ideal solution for you.

4. Pickleball is easier on the body. 

When you play pickleball, you’ll be moving around quite a bit, and it's often comparable to traditional racket sports like tennis, badminton, and table tennis. But unlike these games where you vigorously run from point A to B, pickleball requires you to chase down the ball at a much slower and more calculated pace.  

 Pickleball, after all, was initially enjoyed by seniors, who were no longer capable of sprinting across courts, but wanted to reap the benefits of a good exercise. Its ease of use and low-impact nature make pickleball a low-impact but fun sport for everyone - young and old, and everyone in between.

5. Pickleball promotes balance and coordination.

When people get older, they tend to lose their sense of balance and coordination. And this loss of ability usually starts even before the age of 50. But there's a reason why pickleball is the sport of choice among seniors. It's because pickleball is easy to play and can help improve their overall health and fitness levels. 

 Not only that, regular pickleball practice among older adults helps improve their agility, strength, flexibility, endurance, reaction speed, and balance. These improvements allow senior citizens to remain active and independent throughout life.

6. Pickleball helps reduce risk factors associated with heart disease.

Heart disease is the most common cause of death among Americans, and even more so among the older population. But with regular exercise, the risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes, and other vascular diseases significantly decrease even among the vulnerable populations.  

 In fact, studies show that those who regularly engage in physical activity have better cardiovascular functions, which means fewer chances of having a stroke or heart attack.  So while pickleball may seem like a game for seniors, its popularity has grown immensely as a means of maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.  

 Looking to improve your cardiovascular health? Grab a pickleball racket today. Who knows? You might find yourself enjoying pickleball even long before you retire! 

7. Lesser injuries and falls with Pickleball.

The truth is, most accidents happen during physical activity. However, if you've ever played any type of racket game, then you know that picking up an injury isn't something you can easily deal with. 

 With pickleball, however, your chances of getting injured are significantly reduced. Not only does pickleball require less energy expenditure than other racket games, but it also allows you to react quickly enough to avoid mishaps.

8. Pickleball provides opportunities for social interaction.

A game of pickleball involves at least two players. And since this is a team sport, you'll get plenty of opportunities to interact socially with people from all walks of life. In addition, pickleball encourages teamwork. 

So whether you're playing against another player or two teams, you will always feel part of a group effort. And since everyone plays together, you don't just enjoy interacting with new friends; you actually make some great ones too!

9. Pickleball promotes mental clarity.

As mentioned earlier, pickleball requires concentration and quick thinking. It teaches you to stay focused on the task at hand while remaining aware of everything going on around you. Because of this, pickleball has been proven effective in improving cognitive function and memory retention, especially among older adults. 

Moreover, because pickleball doesn't involve sprinting, it keeps your brain constantly searching and exploring tactics and strategies to win the game.  Pickleball is indeed a sport for both the body and the brain! It's no wonder why so many senior citizens love pickleball!

If you want to enjoy an affordable form of physical fitness that helps build friendships, try out pickleball today. In addition to providing hours of entertainment, pickleball also offers numerous health benefits to older adults. Want to get started with pickleball? Shop for equipment and more from the Pickleball Court Supply today.