Have you ever brushed off pickleball as just another pastime for the golden years? If so, you might want to think again! 

Pickleball is not just any typical racquet sport. You’ll be surprised as it’s causing quite the racket among people of all ages in the US – and for a good reason. It’s straightforward with its rules and flexible at the same time.

And here’s the kicker: its benefits stretch way beyond the court. 

What’s the magic of pickleball that sets it apart from the rest? Most importantly, could it really be a game-changer for your health and happiness?


You’re about to find out because today, we’re sharing the top benefits of playing pickleball for a happy life.

Benefit #1: Pickleball is Cardio, too.

Have you ever considered skipping that dull treadmill session for something more exciting?  Step onto the pickleball court. We promise you, that every movement on the court will get your heart racing. You’ll just have to try it to see if it truly works as a cardio workout!

Benefit #2: It Helps Shed Pounds.

Losing weight is hard. But if dieting and working out aren’t giving you the results you want, you might want to try something else – like pickleball.  Pickleball is like tennis – it's dynamic and unpredictable – but it’s gentler on your joints. It’s easier to play, too. And the best part: it could help you in your weight loss journey.  With every movement on the pickleball court, your calories can bid goodbye. Fancy that!

Benefit #3: It’s Healthy for the Brain. 

Smashing, volleying – 100% physical, right?  Partly right and partly wrong.  Why, you ask? A game of pickleball doesn’t just help you physically; it enhances your reflexes and mental well-being, too! 

Your brain gets a delightful workout as you anticipate your opponent’s moves or make those split-second decisions. There were even some studies that suggest a game of pickleball might be able to help with memory recall.

Who knew a racquet sport could challenge the brain as much as a Sudoku puzzle?

4. Kind to Your Knees (and Other Joints)

Most sports can be tough on the joints. But the great thing about pickleball is that it isn’t. It’s a low-impact sport that gets you a good workout at the same time. And this is why older people love pickleball so much! Kids, too!

5. Pickleball is for the Heart and the Soul. 

When we talk about health and happiness, we can’t leave out the heart, right?   We’re not just talking about the BPMs we’re looking out for, but our emotions as well. You see, pickleball may give our cardiovascular health a much-needed boost, but it boosts our emotional well-being, too. The sheer act of playing on the court can be a calming, almost meditative experience that can alleviate the weight of daily stress.

There’s Joy in Every Serve, Smash, and Point. 

Here’s the crowning jewel of Pickleball – you don’t have to become a pro or have the latest pickleball equipment or any prior racket sport experience to benefit from pickleball. You’ll just have to start – regardless of your skill level or fitness aspiration.  Ask anyone who loves pickleball, and you’ll discover that it could be a source of happiness – health, too.  Ready to play? Contact us at Pickleball Court Supply, and we’ll help you get started with the right tools and equipment.