Best Pickleball Court Accessories for Your Court
You can lay a pickleball court indoors or outside with our boundary markers or our featured Pickleball Court Supply roll-out line. However, after creating a pickleball court, you must accessorize! This blog post will be a guide for the must-have court accessories for pickleball sports to prioritize to make your pickleball court both comfortable and functional. 

Pickleball Court Benches

One of the most crucial components of any good pickleball court is making the game welcoming to an audience. You need seating to get spectators. Audiences cheer players and add a layer of excitement to the sport, so cater to them with pickleball court benches. At Pickleball Court Supply, we have a wide variety of sleek bench designs that are both charming and very functional. Whether you’d like to set up some permanently fixed tables or sports benches, such as our long-lasting 6' sport bench, we have all the court seating you’ll need for your pickleball court.

Keeping Everyone Hydrated

Do your pickleball players and spectators have easy access to fresh water to stay hydrated? People can get parched from the scorching heat, especially in the summer months. Because of this, one of the most important court accessories for court owners to have is a water cooler. Pickleball Court Supply offers two sizes of large sports water cooler jugs, both 5-gallon and 10-gallon varieties. With great pricing, there’s no reason not to provide a couple of water coolers to your players and spectators. Cup dispensers are sold separately on our water cooler page.

Keeping Your Pickleball Court Sanitary

I don’t know about you, but it sure eeks me when I see litter everywhere around a tennis or pickleball court. The key to avoiding litter and unwanted trash is to provide your players, visitors, and spectators with proper trash and recycling receptacles. One of our featured items, the Square Recycling Center, has three 32-gallon receptacles. Each container can be engraved with your choice of a label; Aluminum, Plastic, Glass, Cans, Bottles, or Paper  Recycling. This accessory is available in cedar, gray, or green colors. 

Offer Tools for Pickleball Practice 

Provide your pickleball players with a great tool for practice with a new pickleball machine. Pickleball machines can fire all kinds of shots for your players to sharpen their skills. Some players prefer the Pickleball Tutor, which has an adjustable arc, variable speed from 10 – 50 MPH, variable ball feed rate, and many more features. Others choose the Pickle, manufactured by Lobster. This is a full-featured pickleball machine that outperforms most others available on the market. Read more about our pickleball machines on our Pickleball Machines page.