Pickleball is crazy fun, right? Not just for the players who get to hit that ball but also for the fans cheering from the sidelines. Those unbelievable rallies and close calls make for an entertaining show, whether you live and breathe pickleball or it's your first time watching. 

But let’s be honest. Standing courtside for hours can become tiring for the spectators. They, too, deserve comfy seats with a nice view just as much as the folks working up a sweat. After all, their clapping and hollering is half the fun!

Speaking of making your court more spectator-friendly, have you thought about adding benches or cabanas? If not, you better hear us out because these upgrades may transform your pickleball from good to awesome!  Let us break down the incredible benefits of a viewer-friendly pickleball court.

Benefit #1: Comfy Seating for Marathon Pickleball Sessions

First, benches allow your fans to sit and stay for those marathon pickleball sessions. No more achy legs from standing too long!

Add some cozy outdoor benches around your pickleball court, and your spectators will be set. The right benches allow your biggest supporters to settle in and soak up every second of the game.

And the best part? They can cheer until they're hoarse without worrying about fatigue. If it’s not bringing excitement to a pickleball match, we don’t know what is. 

Benefit #2: Beat the Heat with Some Shade.

While we're on the topic of fan comfort - why not go all out with cabanas?  

They’re designed to provide comfort and protection from the elements. Cabanas may not sound like much, but adding them to your court can feel like VIP treatment for your spectators. These tiny structures are perfect for beating the heat. Plus, they offer some privacy and exclusivity, making the game-watching experience even more special.

Benefit #3: Elevated Atmosphere and Aesthetics.

Not only do these additions keep your fans comfortable, but they also elevate the overall aesthetics and atmosphere of your court setup. A few tastefully arranged benches or cabanas can transform a drab, plain court into a welcoming community hangout. Suddenly your pickleball showdowns feel like a big event worth gathering for! The pro-level aesthetic helps get your spectators even more excited and invested in the action.

Stay Stocked with Pickleball Supplies

Of course, more buddies hanging courtside means you'll need reinforcements for your pickleball supplies. Make sure you have extra outdoor pickleball balls, quality pickleball paddles, and backup pickleball nets on hand so you're always ready to rotate in new competitors when players inevitably tire out. 

With enough pickleball supplies and equipment ready, you can keep the games going while your crowd energy remains at a fever pitch. Because the truth is, nobody wants a dip in excitement just because you've run out of balls or paddles!

So don't settle for dull, sparsely attended pickleball games. Creating a fun and comfortable experience for spectators is guaranteed to bring more excitement to your viewer-friendly pickleball court. Install some benches or cabanas, stock up on pickleball gear, and let the games begin!