Consider Trying Out Pickleball
Interested in picking up pickleball? Pickleball courts are popping up everywhere from youth clubs to athletic centers, and even in high end retirement communities. There is an abundance of reasons why play the unique racquet sport, the illustrious pickleball. For many seasoned tennis players seeking something to expand their horizons, it’s the best next step. From a tennis player’s point of view, the vast difference in pickleball court supplies, pickleballs, and pickleball accessories makes trying the sport much like taking a zip around the block in a brand-new car that you’ve never experienced.

Another reason more and more people are picking up pickleball is because of the great social aspect to the sport. Besides the excellent cardio workout pickleball provides, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to release stress and hang out with friends outdoors. There are lots of clubs you can join in nearly every major city to get teamed up with players on the same skill level. Whether you play singles or doubles, pickleball can be a very fun sport from the social aspect. Visit the official USAPA “Places 2 Play” site to look up pickleball courts near you:

From a wellness perspective, pickleball certainly has heart health benefits. When you play singles, it’s going to be an excellent workout because of the need to run back and forth between opposite corners. Playing doubles you won’t be sitting around either, if you haven’t tried pickleball you’ll be surprised how engaging it can be out on the court. Your wellness benefits you can get from this are pretty open ended, as the sport might help by lowering blood pressure, giving you a little mental clarity getting outside, and also may help with weight loss. Many racquet sports enthusiasts have given pickleball two thumbs way up because of the many benefits. Don’t be shy to get out there and play pickleball, you won’t be disappointed!