How to Provide Proper Sun Coverage on your Court
Summertime is a cherished time of year, especially in cooler regions. Some people have to wait all year long to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Summer is the favorite season for many people, but they don’t want to cook like a lobster outside. Offering outdoor sun cover for your players between games and spectators during play adds a much-needed comfort level to pickleball in warmer months. Fortunately, Pickleball Court Supply offers a full suite of awnings and cabanas to offer shade for outdoor pickleball courts. 

All our awning and cabana inventory is manufactured from only the finest materials used in the industry, so they are a very valuable item. Our sunshade products are therefore durable to withstand UV rays and other weathering elements. Whether you’re a coastal property or way up in the mountains, we can accommodate your area’s weather conditions with proper coverage. 

Offering premium outdoor sun cover for your court provides relief from the scorching sun for players and spectators. Since pickleball is one of the more stimulating outdoor activities the shade can go a long way. With the right coverage you can provide your players with a comfortable experience throughout the seasons. Additionally, your outdoor court seems much more appealing to sitting spectators to cheer your players on when there are awnings or cabanas on an outdoor court. When investing in new pickleball court supplies, consider some options found on our awnings and cabanas page. You can provide your court with an unmatched experience!