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Onix Pickleball Pure 2 Outdoor Ball

Onix Pickleball Pure 2 Outdoor Ball

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Onix Pickleball Pure 2 Outdoor Ball (6- Balls)
The Onix PURE 2 Outdoor Pickleball was designed to perform consistently in all outdoor conditions. Unlike most outdoor balls, the PURE 2 Outdoor ball is produced using an injection molded process and has holes that are all the same size rather than varying size holes. This process generates a long lasting ball that flies true and bounces consistently throughout its life.

The PURE 2 Outdoor Ball is approved for tournament use by the USAPA under the new rules beginning October 1, 2016. Similar to indoor ball construction, the two halves of the Onix PURE 2 Outdoor Pickleballs are joined together with high heat to create a durable seam. Unlike indoor balls, the PURE 2 Outdoor Ball weighs slightly more and has smaller holes for more consistent performance in windy conditions.

Available in Yellow and Orange.

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