Kids are heading back to school and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes are slowly creeping in. You know what that means – fall is just around the corner! And with the arrival of fall also comes some important steps to take to ensure your pickleball court is ready for the harsh winter ahead. The best offense is a good defense, so it is important to defend your tennis or pickleball court in the colder seasons to keep it in the best shape for the spring and summer seasons. The colder seasons bring leaves, debris, snow, ice, and wind which can all negatively impact the quality of your pickleball court. Proper maintenance is the key to preventing expensive repairs and extending the life of your courts. The team at Pickleball Court Supply has prepared this list of tips to make sure your courts are ready for fall:

Tip #1: You Will Want to Keep Your Pickleball Court Clean and Dry

Pickleball courts can be susceptible to damage from continuous exposure to moisture. It is important to keep your court clean and dry from leaves, sticks, and dirt, as well as other debris like trash or paper. These things can trap moisture on the court which can cause more permanent damage and require costly repairs of the court later. These different types of debris should be completely swept up as part of your fall maintenance routine. Pro Tip: Make sure to only use a soft-nylon or hair-like style brooms when cleaning your pickleball court. Hard-bristle style brooms can be quite damaging to the texture and color of the surface of the court.

Tip #2: Touch Up Paint Lines that Have Faded

Paint any faded court lines so you can close the court knowing it’s in great shape for the upcoming season. But make sure you use the correct paint! We have a variety of line paints to choose from so it will last for seasons to come.

Tip #3: Replace Any Damaged Equipment

Take an inventory of your pickleball court supplies and make sure they are in good condition. If there is rust on the net poles you might consider replacing them. If your balls, carts, or booms could use an update it would be a good idea to stock up on those as well.

Tip #4: Make Sure to Clean Stains Before They Set

Stains can build up over time during the previous spring and summer. It is critical that these stains be cleaned as thoroughly as possible before winter comes. If large snowstorms come through causing snow to sit on the surface for multiple days or weeks, it can risk these temporary stains becoming permanent making them much more difficult to clean. Just like when cleaning the debris in Tip #1 above, you will want to use a soft-bristled brush along with a court-safe cleaning solution to remove the stains. The stains can then be buffed away with a garden hose. Pro Tip: It is important that you do NOT use a pressure washer because it can be damaging to the surface of the court.

Tip #5: Fill Any Cracks in the Court As Soon As Possible

Filling in any cracks on your pickleball court is essential to prevent any water from entering and freezing within the cracks. If this happens, the cracks can expand and become bigger as the water freezes and thaws. Pickleball Court Supply carries pickleball court crack filler for this task.

Tip #6: Take Down the Net If Not Using Your Court During Fall or Winter

If you will not be using your pickleball court during the fall and/or winter, it is best to take down your net and store it indoors. Your pickleball net should be stored in a dry area that is safe from rodents and other pests that could damage the net. At this time, you should also do a quick inspection for any noticeable damage and take note of any repairs that need to be made for the next season. You can leave your pickleball net up if you decide you do want to play during the off-season. If you do leave your net up, you should keep it lowered so it is under less pressure. The net can easily be raised at any time when you want to start up a game.

Tip #7: You Will Want to Remove Your Windscreen

Windscreens are a great addition to pickleball courts as they reduce noise and wind and provide some shade for the court. However, pickleball court windscreens tend to have trouble in the winter as stronger winds can cause damage. Windscreens should be taken down with the net in the winter months if you do not plan to use your court. The windscreen should be stored indoors with your net to avoid damage and be protected from winter weather elements.

Tip #8: Use a Court Cover To Protect The Surface

Using a court cover is a helpful addition to keeping away debris like leaves, trash, and water. Once again, it is essential to keep moisture from getting trapped around your pickleball court causing discoloration to the surface and other damage while the court is not in use. These easy steps will help ensure that your pickleball courts stay in the best shape year-round. No matter what kind of pickleball supplies you need, shop Pickleball Court Supply for great prices, quality products, and friendly customer service.