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Acrylotex 1000 5- gal

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Acrylotex® 1000 5- gal

Acrylotex 1000 is a unique, durable acrylic coating designed for use on either asphalt or concrete surfaces.
Acrylotex 1000 provides a colorful medium-texture, non-skid surface that is ideal for multi-sport, pedestrian walkways, bike
paths, crosswalks, medium-use traffic areas, and airport aprons applications.

Medium nap roller or 50-70 durometer rubber squeegee.

Approximately 1 hour for each coat
Ready for foot traffic 24 hours after final coat is dry.

Available in five standard colors: Royal Blue, Emerald, California Red, Slate and Camel.

Acrylotex 1000 can be applied over new or existing asphalt or concrete surfaces that have a sound base of adequate thickness and stability. Existing surfaces should have good drainage and free from cracks and depressions.

Allow new asphalt to cure a minimum of 14 days and new concrete to cure for a minimum of 28 days. Do not allow the use of curing agents. Concrete surface must have at least a medium-broom finish profile. The entire surface must be free of dirt and debris. Pressure washing may be needed. For athletic courts, it is recommended that any low spots or depressions be patched and leveled prior to the application of surfacing materials. 
Important information, please read!  Concrete Pickleball Court Surfacing 

Acrylotex 1000 is premixed and ready-to-use out of the pail. Gentle mixing is required prior to application.

.07-.1 gallon per square yard (.22-.32 liters per square meter) per coat depending on surface texture and porosity.

Apply only when ambient surface and air temperature are a minimum 50°F (10°C) and rising.
Do not apply when rain or high humidity is imminent.
The surface should be sound, free of cracks and deterioration.
The surface should be clean of all contaminants.
Acrylotex 1000 will not prevent cracks from occurring or reoccurring.
Keep from freezing.
Do not store in the direct sunlight.
Once opened, entire contents should be used.
Shaded and Indoor areas will dry more slowly.
Acrylotex 1000 is considered semi-permeable and is NOT a waterproofing material.
Will not prevent metal or organic staining if there are contaminants in the subsurface.

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