Get Your Pickleball Court Ready For Summer

If you have a sport court for pickleball, you likely know that it requires certain maintenance tasks and supplies. But are you aware of what your court and players need during the summer? There are a few items that every sport court for pickleball needs to get ready for the summertime to give your players and coaches the best experience possible. Some of these items include water cooler stations, cabanas, and other coverings for shade, court benches, and more. Not only will these items keep your players cool and comfortable, but the items will also help keep them safe and healthy.

Pickleball Court Supply is the leading online store for all of your pickleball court summer supplies. With over 40 years in the sports supply industry, we know how to help you create the best pickleball experience possible. Check out our list below to make sure that your players and staff are fully hydrated and have a place to take a break and stay cool while at your court.

But First, What In The World Is Pickleball?

Although it was technically invented in the 1960s, pickleball is a sport that has been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years. Pickleball combines elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton into one sport. The court used is the same size as a badminton court, and the equipment used includes two paddles and a plastic ball with holes. The net is similar to a tennis net in that it is low to the ground, unlike a badminton net which is higher off the ground. Instead of using a racquet like in tennis or badminton, the game is played using a specially sized paddle.

Just in the last year, the amount of pickleball players in America is up over 20% and the number of countries in the International Pickleball Federation has doubled in that same time. Extreme growth can likely be attributed to the pandemic where people were looking for new no-contact sports to play outside. Pickleball is known as a very family-friendly sport and can be adapted for players of all ages.

Three Items Every Pickleball Court Needs In The Summer

Much like tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, and other outdoor courts, your sport court for pickleball needs some supplies to make sure that your players, spectators, and coaches have a great time all year long. During the hot weather, it is important to keep everyone cool and hydrated while they play and watch. To make this happen, Pickleball Court Supply stocks many pieces of pickleball supplies and equipment at great prices. Pickleball Court Supply offers a wide range of summertime supplies for your court including:

  1. Water Coolers - While this may seem like a no-brainer, some court owners may forget to supply water coolers or water fountains. It is important that everyone including the players and staff stay hydrated both on and off the court. There are many ways to supply water to the users of your court: a water fountain, BYOWB (bring your own water bottle), and water coolers to name a new. At Pickleball Court Supply, we believe in the simple things. That's why we carry the traditional Igloo-brand coolers that have become synonymous with a cool drink of water. We carry these water jugs in multiple sizes to suit your needs. We also carry all the water cooler accessories you need including cup holders, cooler stands, and trash cans.

  2. Cabanas and Awnings - During the summer, shade can be a luxury on most sports courts. Because of the warm temperatures and active play of the game, you may need to add some shade to your pickleball courts or tennis courts. Pickleball Court supply carries several sizes, shapes, and colors of cabanas to provide players, coaches, and spectators a shady place to rest. We also carry pickleball court awnings as another shade option. These awnings attach to the fence to create shade without taking up any ground space. Pickleball Court Supply can also create cabana coverings and awnings and custom colors or with your logo or company name on them. Contact us directly to discuss your custom pickleball court cabana.

  3. Court Benches - Pickleball is definitely an active sport and players will need to take breaks frequently. Instead of them having to leave the court to find somewhere to sit, invest in a few court benches where players can take a quick seat in between games. We carry benches in a variety of sizes and colors to match the aesthetic and needs of your court. We also carry umpire chairs and tables to complete your court. Our 100% recycled plastic benches include a special UV protectant to keep your benches looking fresh for years to come. You can also custom engrave your pickleball court benches to include sponsorships, memorials, and more.

Why Buy From PCS - We're The Pickleball Experts!

The team at Pickleball Court Supply has over 40 years of experience in the tennis supply and maintenance industry. The owner is a former certified tennis court builder with decades of experience in creating and maintaining premium sports courts around the country. Now, we are becoming the leading experts in pickleball and other racquet sports. We sell only the top brands of pickleball equipment. You can always rest assured that you will be getting quality products when you order from Pickleball Court Supply.

Pickleball Court Supply sells pickleball products and accessories for every season. Whether you are just beginning to build your court or are looking for supplies to maintain or upgrade your existing pickleball courts, we have a large selection of products for you to choose from. PCS carries everything from pickleball court surfacing materials, pickleball posts and nets, and pickleball court lighting systems. If you are unsure of exactly what products or supplies you need, our experienced sports experts can help to understand your needs and suggest the best products for you and your budget.

Browse our website to take a look at our offerings, and give us a call if you have any questions.