Traveling for Pickleball Enthusiasts
Have you planned your entire summer yet? For pickleball enthusiasts 2019 is the year to get around the country while being alongside other pickleball fanatics. There are a plethora of pickleball events still on the horizon in 2019. In particular this summer there are a couple in wonderful destinations that could make a very well rounded summer vacation. 

Billy the Kid Shootout/Ruidoso Pickleball Championships

From August 22nd to August 25th the White Mountain Recreation Complex will host the “Billy the Kid Shootout/Ruidoso Pickleball Championships” in Ruidoso, NM. This sanctioned Tier 4 pickleball tournament requires USAPA Membership. The traditional artwork, Navajo and Pueblo ruins in national parks, and history alone make it worth the visit to the desert landscape of New Mexico. Read more about things to try in New Mexico

Contact for tournament: [email protected]

Battle of the Paddle 2019

This August 29th to September 1st the Battle of the Paddle 2019 will be held at the Gypsum Creek Golf Course in Gypsum, CO. USAPA Membership is required to compete in this USAPA sanctioned event. Colorado was coined the "Centennial State" because it achieved statehood 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

Contact for tournament: [email protected]

Willamette Valley Senior/Super Senior Pickleball Tournament

Late summer from September 6th to September 8th pickleball enthusiasts can go to the Willamette Valley Senior/Super Senior Pickleball Tournament in Albany, OR. Timberlinn Park is the venue for this pickleball tournament. The Willamette Valley is well known for its unique minerality in the soil - producing delicious Oregon wines! Check out this travel guide for more about Willamette Valley and when to visit. This tournament requires USAPA Membership.