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Pickleball Tutor Plus w/Spin

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Pickleball Tutor Plus w/Spin
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Pickleball Tutor Plus w/Spin
The all-new Pickleball Tutor Plus is easily adjustable and ready to throw all the shots you need for practice including dinks, lobs, serves, drives, and groundstrokes.
  • Holds 110 pickleballs
  • Ball Speed: Up to 65 MPH
  • Ball Feed: 1 to 10 seconds
  • Spin Control: Flat, topspin, and backspin
  • Throws both indoor and outdoor pickleballs
  • Start-up time delay allows time to get around to the other side before balls shoot
  • Rechargeable Battery: (Battery Model) Built-in battery provides up to 4 hours of playing time
  • Smart Battery Charger: (Battery Model) Fully charges the battery overnight and shuts off to prevent over-charging
  • Random Oscillation: Included
  • Built-in towing wheels and handle for easy transportation
  • Weight: AC model 27 lbs. Battery model 34 lbs.

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