1. Plexipave Acrylic Resurfacer 5- gal
Plexipave Acrylic Resurfacer 5- gal
Plexipave Acrylic Resurfacer 5- gal

Plexipave Acrylic Resurfacer 5- gal

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Plexipave Acrylic Resurfacer 5- gal

Acrylic Resurfacer is an asbestos free, acrylic latex binder developed expressly for job mixing with silica sand to obtain a fast drying filler coat that reduces surface posterity in asphalt and concrete pavements. As opposed to other filler coat products, multiple applications of Acrylic Resurfacer does not require rolling between coats.

Acrylic Resurfacer may be applied over properly prepared asphalt and concrete sub-bases that are to be surfaced with the Plexipave, PicklePave or Acrylotex Surfacing Systems.

Use a 70 Durometer flexible rubber squeegee; 24”, 30”, 36” width.

Thirty minutes to one hour under optimum outdoor temperature and humidity conditions (70°F, 50% humidity). For indoor application, provide heat and air circulation to expedite drying.

A variety of sand gradations can be used depending on the surface condition to be treated. Quantities of sand and water will vary depending on the sand gradation. When using finer gradation less sand should be used to maintain strength in the mix. For leveling or patching, Court Patch Binder mixes should be used. 

Resurfacer Mix (for squeegee application)
Acrylic Resurfacer: 55 gallons
Water: (clear and potable) 20-40 gallons
Sand: (60-80 mesh) 600-900 pounds
Liquid Yield: 112-138 gallons

Filler Coat: 15-20 square yards per gallons depending on surface texture and porosity (.05-.07 gals/sq. yd.)

  • Apply only when ambient temperature is 50°F and rising.
  • Do not apply when rain is imminent.
  • Do not apply when surface temperature is less than 50°F or more than 140°F.
  • Do not apply over tar emulsion sealers.
  • Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
  • Keep materials from freezing.
  • New asphalt shall be allowed to cure for at least 14 days; concrete shall cure for 28 days. Do not use curing compounds
  • Use only with sands free of clay, silt and other foreign materials.
  • The Plexipave System will not prevent pavement cracks from occurring

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