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Square Recycling Center

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Square Recycling Center
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Square Recycling Center
Made for use with three 32 gallon receptacles.  Each container is engraved with your choice of label; Glass, Cans, Aluminum, Plastic, Bottles, or Paper  Recycling containers are made form 1" x 4" 100% recycled plastic Resinwood and recycled plastic structure.  Heavy duty zinc coated hardware is used.  
Liners are not included but available for purchase.  
5-10 Day Lead Time

This item exceeds the UPS weight and/or length restrictions.
You must Contact Us for a freight rate!
Please tell us the model/item you would like, the Zip Code it will be shipped to, whether or not if it is a residence or business, and we will get you a firm freight cost.
Product Features:
  • 100% recycled plastic structure
  • 100% recycled plastic Resinwood
  • Engraved container tops, Glass, Cans, Aluminum, Plastic, Bottles, or Paper
  • Weight 3 units: 270 lbs
  • Assembly required
  • Liners available 
  • Colors available: Cedar, Gray, Green

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