The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for Pickleball Lovers
If someone on your holiday shopping list is a pickleball enthusiast, you’re in luck! Whether they’re new to the sport or an aficionado, there are a few surefire gifts for pickleball lovers this year. Check out our detailed a guide on the greatest gifts for pickleball players in your life below!

1.    Pickleball Gear

Can you ever have enough pickleball apparel? In case you’re unsure, the answer is NO! Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the US, is enjoyed by all ages and is played year-round in most of the country. That means your pickleball lover needs the right gear for every type of play.

A quality moisture-wicking shirt is one thoughtful option. Go big and get an entire outfit or new pickleball shoes. Depending on the person you’re shopping for, a humorous T-shirt, sweatshirt or mug may also be a big hit, and a more economical option.

2.    Pickleball Paddle

The ultimate gift for any pickleball players. A new paddle. Picking a new paddle may seem daunting, especially if you don’t know the sport or the player’s style. Composite pickleball paddles are the most popular; they’re lightweight, available at many different price points and are used by beginners and professionals alike.

3.    Pickleball Portable Systems

One of the best parts about pickleball is that it can be played almost anywhere! All you need is a portable system! With a portable pickleball system, your loved one will be able to set up and play anywhere – whether inside a gym, on a roof, or at their friend’s house. The Picklenet Mini is a popular option for pickleball players on the go.

Pickleball Court Supply has done the research for you and offers products from two of the finest manufacturers: Douglas and Gamma. Both systems are lightweight and easy to install or breakdown.

4.    Pickleball Bag

You really can’t go wrong with a pickleball bag. Shoes, pickleballs, paddles…it’s a lot to carry. And since most pickleball players play at different locations all the time, they’re constantly hauling their gear. 

Most new players use an old duffle bag or backpack but would really appreciate a pickleball bag with pockets for paddles, balls and other equipment. Some even have a built-in cooler for snacks and drinks!

5.    Pickleball Court Accessories

Serious enthusiasts probably have a dedicated facility they play at, and for many, it’s in their backyards or elsewhere on their property! The options are endless when it comes to pickleball court accessories, which means you have tons of unique  gifts for pickleball players to choose from (hint: years of gifts for those hard to buy for pals). 

Pick-ups and baskets for balls are a good starting point. Picking up balls can be exhausting, potentially deterring would-be fans from playing the sport as often as they’d like. Pickleball Court Supply offers travel carts for on-the-go players, hopper bags and traditional ball hoppers that take the time and hassle out of collecting balls.

And you thought shopping for your pickleball-loving friend would be tough this holiday season! Sporting equipment is a nice way to show someone you care. Plus, these products are available at many different prices to suit every budget. Don’t forget to grab some pickleballs for their stocking!