1. Ti-Coat Water Based Epoxy
Ti-Coat Water Based Epoxy
Ti-Coat Water Based Epoxy

Ti-Coat Water Based Epoxy

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TI-COAT® Epoxy (Water Based) 2- 5 gal containers

Ti-Coat is a clear two-packaged water based epoxy primer. It penetrates concrete with an alkali resistant polymeric coating that tightly adheres to the irregular texture of the concrete surface. Ti-Coat serves as an excellent base for the PicklePave/Acrylotex waterbased acrylic surfacing systems.

Ti-coat is used as a primer for new or uncoated concrete prior to the application of PicklePave or Acrylotex Color Finish Systems. In all cases, Concrete Preparer shall be used to etch the surface prior to the application of TiCoat. 

Concrete surfaces shall have a vapor barrier under the slab and a broom finish. The surface must be etched with Concrete Preparer according to Specification.  The concrete surface must be dry and clean from dirt, dust, grease and oil.
Note: To prepare previously coated concrete, completely remove all previous coatings by grinding or sandblasting, paying special attention to delaminated areas.

Use a short nap phenolic core roller. Apply a thin, wet coat.

Ti-Coat will dry within three hours of application. The first coat of the PicklePave or Acrylotex Color Finish Systems must be applied within one to three hours of the application of Ti-Coat while still tacky to fingertip touch. Ti-Coat will dry faster on a hot day and slower on a cool day.
Note: If Ti-Coat cures completely with no tack remaining before the first coat of the PicklePave or Acrylotex System is applied, you must reapply a new application of Ti-Coat.

  • “A” Component – Milky White
  • “B” Component – Amber

Add equal parts by volume of component “A” to component “B” and mix well. Let mix stand for 20-30 minutes prior to application.

300-400 square feet per gallon per coat depending on the porosity of the surface and the number of coats applied (.03-0.025 gal./sq.yd).

  • Do not apply if rain is imminent within four hours
  • Do not apply if surface temperature is below 40°F or in excess of 140°F.
  • Do not apply if the surface temperature is below 50°F.
  • Concrete must cure 28 days. Do not use curing agents or concrete hardeners.
  • Do not allow Ti-Coat to run or drip on adjacent areas. Remove all drips immediately by water before drying occurs.
  • Clean all equipment immediately after use with water.
  • Do not apply over previously coated surfaces unless coating is thoroughly removed by grinding or sand blasting.
  • Do not apply Acrylic Resufacer, PicklePave or Acrylotex products unless Ti-Coat is tacky to fingertip touch immediately prior to application. 

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