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Tyro Composite Paddle

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Tyro Composite Paddle
Part Number: PTK-TYRO
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Tyro Composite Pickleball Paddle

The Tyro Composite Pickleball Paddle is ideal for players who want the design and quality of a premium paddle for half the price. The Rally Tyro performs like a rock star and weighs under 7 ounces! This paddle is a huge step above wood paddles and has the same high-quality polymer core found in premium paddles. The white polycarbonate face is elegantly subdued for the less-flashy pickleball player. Please note: This paddle has not been submitted or approved by the USAPA for tournament use due to variations in surface texture. This is a great option for the recreational player who wants a championship-level paddle.

The Rally Tyro Composite Pickleball Paddle is a lightweight paddle (weighing just around 6.7 ounces) which makes it the ideal choice for fast reactions at the kitchen as well as for those concerned about possible injuries related to heavier paddles. The overall length is 15-5/8” and the face measures a good 7-3/4” across. The 5-1/8” long handle has a small grip circumference.

The Rally Tyro Composite Pickleball Paddle is a great, cost-effective paddle that is sure to convert anyone into a pickleball fanatic.

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