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Rol-Dri Sponge Water Remover Roller

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Rol-Dri Sponge Water Remover Roller
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Rol-Dri Sponge Water Remover Roller
This latest version of the original Rol-Dri® water remover has been newly redesigned for even better durability and renamed the Rol-Dri Seamless Sponge Roller. Ideal for clearing water from basketball and tennis courts, it also works on damp grass to improve baseball and soccer field conditions. Soft, absorbent polyurethane foam has a powder-coated stainless steel frame and T-socket, plus an anodized aluminum handle. Replacement rollers (sold separately) include end caps. Another update you'll appreciate: the roller's stress-zone components are stronger, making the Rol-Dri Seamless Sponge Roller the toughest unit of its kind.

  • Gray seamless sponge roller is made of soft absorbent polyurethane (PU) foam - 36" Wide
  • Designed to absorb and push water from your court surface
  • Anodized aluminum handle with stainless steel, black powder coated T-socket 
  • Stainless steel powder coated frame includes all stainless steel hardware
  • Can also be used on damp grass to improve field conditions
  • Replacement rollers include end caps

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