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TCS Concrete Primer 5-Gal Pail

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TCS Concrete Primer 5-Gal Pail
Part Number: TCS288
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TCS Concrete Primer 5-Gal Pail
A 100% acrylic emulsion primer designed to promote the adhesion of TCS repair and surfacing products for tennis, basketball, and other sport and recreational pavement surfaces.

Uses: Apply on exposed concrete surfaces prior to surfacing systems. Can also be used on old, oxidized surfaces for better adhesion.
Weight: 46 lbs
Coverage: 200-300 square feet per gallon. 

For orders of more than 2- 5 gal. pails, please Contact Us for a freight rate!
Please tell us the item and quantity you would like, the Zip Code it will be shipped to, whether or not if it is a residence or business, and we will get you a firm freight cost.

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