The Coach’s Assistant: Your Pickleball Machine to Practice Pickleball

Pickleball is quickly emerging as a popular sport among youngsters, kids, trainers, and all sports enthusiasts. With the increase in its popularity, pickleball ball machine manufacturers are trying hard to innovate with the paddles, gears, and other associated parts to deliver an exciting playtime. 

Advanced technology and the latest trends in tech-driven sports are being put to use to ensure better and more fun pickleball experiences.

Simply put, pickleball is a much younger sport which combines the features of three other sports, namely- tennis, badminton, and table tennis. The game is played by two or four players, i.e., a singles game or a doubles match. Solid paddles are made up of wood or composite materials which are used to hit a perforated polymer ball, with 26-40 round holes. 

Similar to tennis, badminton and table tennis, Pickleball game also requires a net between the two sides of the game.

Pickleball machines are commonly used for playing the game of pickleball and practice sessions. These machines have the ability to simulate Pickleball game situations. Practicing with such tech-savvy Pickleball machines is advantageous for sportsmen. They are specifically useful when needing to learn or teach the mechanics of a particular shot.

  • For instance, pickleball practice machines can be used to move around or be used to shuffle the shot.
  • Also, it can be used to master the act of blocking hard volleys. It helps to learn to block the ball which helps to slow down an attack and resets the point.

The pickleball training machines require a great deal of maintenance like any other sports machine. Certain tips and tricks are helpful in safely using and maintaining the machine. Specific drills which the users can adopt for advancing their own play and the usability of the pickleball machine.

These tips will be helpful for anyone who is interested in learning how to properly use a pickleball ball machine.

  • Generally, using the pickleball machine over time, one can notice the “film” and coloration from the new balls getting transferred to the throwing wheels. However, this does no harm to the usual functioning. But at the same time, it is also advised that if one observes significant build-up on the throwing wheels, the wheels must be properly cleaned to not hinder the game.
  • No hands or foreign objects are to be put into the pickleball machine.
  • Wet balls are not to be put into the pickleball machine in any case.
  • Always be mindful and alert when handling the pickleball machine for playing or cleaning

It is important for the players to use the pickleball machine in an adequate and prescribed manner for the best results. You should try to learn how to groove one shot at first. Success with this means that you are confident that you can hit it several times in a row.

Blocked practice is the best way to use a pickleball ball machine adequately

  • Start with warm-up session with slow speed and maintain rhythm with the pickleball machine
  • Primary targets, i.e., above the net and secondary targets, i.e., on the opposite side of the net are important.
  • Practice the ball recognition and paddle preparation techniques over time repeatedly
  • If you keep hitting at a consistent speed, the Pickleball machine will simulate the game situation. Learn how to tackle it by altering your own ball rhythm.
  • Become alert and active, so that you can master the movements and positioning thrown at you by the pickleball machine
  • A white ball must be hit crosscourt, be alert for effective game strategizing
  • Do not lose control of the machine that will ensure the effectiveness and efficiency in the pickleball game.

With the recent advancements in technology, several new pickleball machines have been introduced. They all have the latest tech-driven components and parts, high-end materials, innovative game strategies, paddle options, advanced features, etc. The most popular ones in the market currently are:

- Simon 2

- Pickleball Tutor

- Tutor Plus

- Pickle, the Lobster pickleball machine

They differ in, for instance, the shot intervals. The Simon 2 pickleball machine has 1.5 to 10 seconds, Pickleball tutor and Tutor plus have 1 to 10 seconds and Lobster pickle has 2 to 10 seconds shot intervals. Further, they have different ball capacities. 160 for Simon 2, 125 for Pickleball tutor, 110 for Tutor plus and 135 for Lobster pickle. Only the lobster pickle has an optional fast charger with it, while the other 3 have no fast charger option. This also has an impact on their overall maintenance over time. With all pickleball machines having moveable wheels reduces the high maintenance a great deal.

Thus, your pickleball machine can serve as a tireless practice partner if used in accordance with its rules of play. It can be used for fun, play, exercise as well as learning the most difficult shots with great ease. 

Even coaches and trainers use the pickleball machines at practice sessions to help their tutors’ master great shots within less time. The technicalities of a particular shot can be best learned with the help of a pickleball machine. Coaches experiment with different creative drills with these pickleball training machines to improve and advance the sport of pickleball.

If you are a new beginner in using a pickleball machine, adopt the blocked practice by learning, practicing and repeated practice for a single shot. Over time, as your game matures, you can shift to serial practice. This involves practicing a particular pattern for a certain time interval. For instance, a volley which involves the act of practicing the same pattern repeatedly.

Eventually, with the help of the techniques learned on the pickleball machine, maturing over time and practice, you will be ready for the random or real play.

Therefore, a pickleball practice machine can be effectively used using simple preparation steps that can enhance your pickleball play techniques. It helps you master the shot rhythms, target areas, shot timing, aerobic training, positioning, and making faster decisions about blocking or hitting a particular shot of pickleball.