5 Reasons Why You Should Try Pickleball
Pickleball is an addictive sport! What was once an obligatory part of high school gym class has evolved into one of the nation’s hottest sports – and it’s easy to tell why. Pickleball (one word – not two!) offers the best of both worlds; it’s easy to play and virtually anyone can do it, but it’s competitive enough that experienced players can have a blast and get a serious workout while doing it.

Whether you’re new to the sport or an aficionado, seven or 70, or living in Antarctica or at the equator, pickleball is a versatile sport that anyone can enjoy and should. That being said, here are my top five reasons why pickleball is so addictive:

1. Pickleball is suitable for all ages – That’s right! Anyone can play! Pickleball uses a smaller court than tennis and doesn’t require as much force, making it ideal for children, seniors or any competitive adult looking for a great pastime.
2. You can play on the go – Many facilities have dedicated pickleball courts, but you can also bring your own net and set up a court at your favorite park, at the company barbecue, in your backyard or even at the beach. The world is your oyster!

3. Your heart will thank you – Pickleball is an excellent workout and can be adapted for all ages and fitness levels. It will get your heart pumping, resulting in reduced cortisol levels, lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, a trimmer waist and other benefits. Added bonus: You’ll have fun while doing it!

4. Pickleball is easy to learn – Pickleball is similar to tennis in many ways but easier to learn. Also, the scoring system is much simpler with most games playing to 11 points, with a win by 2. No random numbers or quirky jargon!

5. It’s a great way to socialize – Since pickleball is so much fun and so easy to play, it’s a popular activity for people at either end of the fitness spectrum. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with a new friend, date or a group of friends looking for something everyone can do.

Since pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors, it’s safe to say that any time is pickleball time. There are so many reasons to love this versatile sport. We’d love to hear your reasons – comment below and maybe we’ll add your input to our list!