Pickleball Court Maintenance is a Must
Do you have everything you need to properly maintain your pickleball court? Whether it be something as simple as having spare court paint for touch ups, or water removers and water brooms to keep your court dry, outdoor pickleball and tennis court maintenance is crucial to protecting your court against the dreadful complications that can arise for any pickleball court owner.

As with anything that comes with property ownership or property management, maintenance is key to reducing overhead and keeping appearances up to standard. With proper maintenance a pickleball court can last for many decades. With over 35 years of experience in management of pickleball court construction projects, we know exactly what you need to maintain your court. Pickleball Court Supply is your top online resource for pickleball and tennis court maintenance supplies and equipment. 

To begin with, to properly maintain your pickleball court you will need replacement parts for your court. You’ll also need court paint, even if you’ve done a stellar job with the initial paint job it’s always nice to have for touch ups to maintain appearances for players and spectators. Our acrylic line marking paint is a great option for retouching court lines. You will also need pickleball court maintenance equipment, such as water removers and water brooms. It’s crucial to be able to remove water when showers or regular rain are recurring in your region. If you need help with quality water removers or water brooms browse our water removers page.